Juce Peel Advanced Polymer Film (APF) screen protectors are the absolute best film you can buy. Material-wise, our high-quality APF protector is durable, starting with shock absorbent Polymer Film.

Juce Peel Advanced Polymer Film protectors are superior to its alternatives in every way. It has better light transmittance, making for a clearer display. It’s anti-reflective and glare reducing. It has oleophobic coating, which heavily reduces fingerprints. It has the smooth feel of actual glass under your fingertips. It resists sand scratches, making it the only viable option for beachgoers. And let’s talk about shock protection. With a material hardness rating of 7H, meaning they are hard enough to resist scratches from most anything. Yet, they aren’t completely shatter-proof. Since this is toughened glass we’re talking about, in the event of a fatal drop, the protector will absorb all the damage and break into tiny shards. Chances are pretty good that your display will end up unscathed underneath. Thus, instead of having to replace the entire screen, you’ll only have to get a new protector. Which is easier on both your soul and your wallet.

  • Advanced Polymer Film
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Cleaning Cloth Included
  • Self Adheres
  • Easy to install